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consort viols

Gesina Liedmeier

Gesina Liedmeier has considerable experience with both the making and playing of consort instruments. She specializes in viols, which are intended for consort playing. Her consort  viols are modelled on early seventeenth century instruments.
These instruments are larger than those which were in general use during the twentieth century. Gesina's viols are strung with unwound gut strings. The same applies to the bass strings. This has a beneficial effect on the sound: it becomes more human, touching, dynamic and transparent. The instruments don't produce great clouds of sound, but have a simple, warm tone, which blends well and carries beautifully. They also sound both sweet and low.
Gesina plays in the ensemble The Spirit of Gambo, and her instruments make an important contribution to it's dynamic sound.

You can hear the sound of her consort viols in the video below (also featuring Gesina on tenor viol):

the making of bass viol Ezel

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