I am proud to announce  a book has been made, full of beautiful photographs of over 25 years’ worth of my carvings – both works in progress, and completed works. The photographs will be accompanied by in-depth texts on the background of the works shown, the materials and techniques used, et cetera. The book includes a foreword by Micha Leeflang, Medieval and Old Masters Curator at the Museum Catharijnaconvent, Utrecht. The book is designed by the renowned Leon Mommersteeg, and the text is written by Trijntje Liedmeier, who wields her pen the way I wield my gouge.

 Ordering: send your adress and the number of copies to

An excerpt from the foreword:
'Just as she is regularly moved by the sight of medieval and Gothic sculptures, she strives to evoke this emotion in her own work. The depth of expression in the sculptures and the extent of the detail help to do so. You can now discover this for yourself in the exhibition and this publication. You will be both astonished and deeply moved.'

Gesina Liedmeier

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