Numerous players all over the world play Gesina' s instruments. This is what they say:

- Singing together- viol joy frolicking in sound waves all through my being-
She is just SO GOOD 😍😍😍😍

I am thrilled, every single day, when I play her and she teaches me more about relaxation and allowing sound to come out and all kinds of stuff. 
Just elated! ( C. S. )

- Wat heb je een prachtig instrument gemaakt! Ik ben er zo enthousiast over, leer ‘m met de dag beter kennen.
Alles klinkt zo mooi...Vanmiddag had ik les. Zij (de docent) is ook heel enthousiast. Ze zei dat dit instrument mij de weg gaat wijzen.

- After so many years of being deeply involved in the act of giving love and form to these humble materials, Gesina has arrived at the level of natural mastery in her craft. (A.A.)

People have said the following about Gesina' s fine carvings:

– Gesina dares to make unorthodox choices. (T.L.)

– The creatures in her sculptures, the animals, and sometimes the landscapes or abstract forms reveal their vulnerability, and therein lies their greatest beauty. (F.L.)

– ‘Art’ with a capital letter A, that happens to be attached to something. (L.M.)

– Gesina Liedmeier’s work is always vibrant and unconventional. The same passion for form can be felt across all the disciplines; humane, unpretentiously expressive, and sensual. It is never slick, and is always multilayered. While grounded in tradition and craft, it is elevated to an eminently personal experience. (T.B.)

– Gesina takes a playful approach, with humour never far away. Peaceful landscapes and ethereal figures feature in layered paintings that continue to breathe. Gesina always balances skilfully and confidently on the edge between refinement, beauty and perfection on the one hand, and the repulsive, abrasive, earthily boorish and unfinished on the other. I suspect that this is why her work continues to evoke a sense of intrigue – both in her, and in us as beholders. How fortunate that we will never have to tire of it. (M.M.)

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