facture de violes de gambe

musique jouée sur des instruments de Gesina Liedmeier


Deep and salty Fernsandgoats all gut bass viol 2020 and Haasje treble viol 2011 (haasje got a new belly hurray)

Plainte, Marin Marais. Arnie Tanimoto playing Otohime, after Tielke 2017 with Parker Ramsay on harp

Thomas Baeté trying out viella Strix 2019

2018 Freek Borstlap trying out queer alto consort goat in a. Model Gesina Liedmeier.


2018 Claas Harders trying out 7 string bass viol Apollon Fearnot The Beast made by Gesina Liedmeier

Musique jouée sur des instruments fabriqués par Gesina Liedmeier
Le Spirit of Gambo joue sur un consort de violes de Gesina Liedmeier. John Jenkins consort music of four parts, musica ficta 8011.

Gesina Liedmeier plays Doulce memoire, Ortiz (fragment)
The Spirit of Gambo, Mama bear, great bass viol in GG

Toyohiko Satoh plays Douce dame jolie van Machaut (fragment)
Ensemble Alba Musica Kyo - Machaut and his time - CHANNEL CLASSICS 7094

The Spirit of Gambo plays Fantasie in d minor, John Jenkins (fragment)
The Spirit of Gambo The Generous Viol

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