woodcarving & sculpture

materials and techniques


Gesina Liedmeier

Gesina Liedmeier uses many materials for her sculptures. The types of wood used include  among others, fruit, nut, sycamore, oak, lime and boxwood. She also uses Mammoth ivory, tortoise-shell and albaster.
The pieces may be decorated with precious stones, gilding, wild pearls, or mother of pearl.
The summary given here is not exhaustive. In agreement with the client, a choice of many other types of material is possible.


Gesina Liedmeier finished with agate, oiled, in the hairdo little wild pearls


Gesina does not use sand paper. She carves her figures with gouges, and finishes them with scrapers, pebbles, agate stone, equisetum hiëmale (horsetail) and polychromy, and oil or varnish, depending on the type of figure.

Gesina Liedmeier

relief carving & ajour


Relief carving is flat carving, almost two dimensional, though slightly raised. Ajour is relief with openings. This is quite common in musical instrument decoration, but these techniques also include 'Trees of Life' and carved scenes.

Gesina Liedmeier



Inlay is the making of images using small flat pieces of diffent woods or other materials. 

Gesina Liedmeier Daantje's polychromy: hot hare glue with tetrachromy and tempera details


Polychromy is the painting of sculpture. Gesina works with historical techniques, applying a ground using a mixture of cray and hot glue, and creates her colours using pigments. Old oil painting, as well as the combination of hot glue paint and egg tempera are the techniques she uses. Modern oil paint may also be used.

Gesina Liedmeier

letter type


Gesina usually carves her letters based on the alphabet designed by A. Dürer.

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